Turquoise Tables Coming Soon to Glenelm

by Jacqueline van Leeuwen

Several years ago, a woman in the States named Kristin Schell placed a turquoise picnic table in her front yard as an intentional way to get to know the people in her neighbourhood. That table has become a symbol of hospitality in different parts of the world as people from all walks of life embrace the ideal of living in a community where you know your neighbours.

A community where neighbours know each other becomes a safer community, because you are more likely to look out for people you know. You connect on a different level when you sit and share a conversation, or a cup of coffee or glass of lemonade.

Already different members of the community are planning what they are going to do to represent their idea of “the turquoise table.” One family plans to put out a turquoise drinking bowl for the dogs in the neighbourhood who are taking their owners for a walk. Another person is having a picnic table (she will be painting it turquoise) built around the tree on her front boulevard. The possibilities are endless.

So, when you see the turquoise picnic table (coming soon to Gordon King Memorial United Church), feel free to sit for a spell, see how the community garden is growing, and enjoy the butterfly garden.

If you are interested in reading more about the turquoise table, aka “the front yard people”, just google “turquoise table”.

Photo used with permission, courtesy of Turquoise Table Movement founder Kristin Schell.

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