The 7th Annual Glenelm Snow Sculpture Challenge is officially ON!

A big thanks to Mother Nature for at last bringing us an ample supply of snow. It’s exactly what we needed to be able to schedule the 7th Annual Glenelm Snow Sculpture Challenge. We were getting worried there for a bit 🙂

Start thinking about what you’ll create out of snow or ice in your front yard on Saturday, January 27th, 2024.

As always, all sculptures will be entered into a draw for tons of participation prizes and our neighbourhood will be transformed into a snowy art gallery!

So show us your best snow creations! There is no judging – all ages and skill levels are encouraged, and there are dozens of chances for you to win a prize just by participating! Plus, it’ll be lots of fun, we promise!

It’s completely free to participate, but be sure to fill out the short registration form so that we can include you on our map and enter you in the prize draw.

Need more info/ideas/inspiration? Check out for FAQs, photos from previous years and more. 

Huge thanks to our sponsors, who make this event possible:

Chris and David Unruh
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