2021 Glenelm Snow Sculpture Challenge

It’s almost that time of year again — on Saturday, January 30th, 2021, let’s all bundle up, get outside and participate in GeNA’s 4th annual Snow Sculpture Challenge!

Given this year’s pandemic restrictions, this is one of the rare events which can still take place “in real life”. Since everyone sculpts from their own front yard, no gatherings are necessary! In addition, it provides an opportunity for neighbours to view all of the lovely sculptures, providing a much-needed excuse to get outside and take that (socially-distanced) walk for mental health.

Click on the image to print your own poster and paste it onto your box or form!

So show us your best snow creations! All ages and skill levels are encouraged, and there are dozens of chances for you to win a prize just by participating! Plus, it’ll be lots of fun, we promise!

Register here for your chance to win some cool prizes

2021 Glenelm Snow Sculpture Challenge Sign-Up

Register here for the 2021 Glenelm Snow Sculpture Challenge. **You should receive a confirmation email upon registering. If you do not, please get in touch with us as we may not have received your registration.
  • While we are happy that there is interest from outside the neighbourhood, only addresses within Glenelm will be included in the challenge.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Have questions?

What if I don’t know anything about snow sculpting?

No big deal. The important thing is to get out there and have fun! All you need to get started is a little imagination and a block of snow, which is super simple to set up. Simply fill a box with snow, let it sit for a few days, remove the box and voilà!

Pro tip: the bigger, the better… details are easier to sculpt when they’re large since you don’t have to manipulate the snow as finely. Plus, it looks really impressive!

Also, here are some links to get you inspired:

Front yard or back?
Front please. It’ll be easier for us to photograph your work (for posterity), plus you’ll get to chat with your neighbours while you create (socially-distanced from your own yards). Added bonus: the whole neighbourhood can then enjoy your masterpiece until the spring!

What if I don’t have enough snow in my yard?
Make a smaller sculpture. Borrow some snow from your neighbours. Wheelbarrow some in from your back yard. Supplement with ice you froze in molds. Get creative — you can do this!

What if I am not available to sculpt on January 30th?
You can sculpt on any day (or days) you want! Just make sure you are finished by 2pm on January 30th, because that’s when we’ll be making rounds to photograph all the neighbourhood art. And don’t forget to register your address to make sure we don’t miss your sculpture!

But how will my creative genius be recognized?
Simply having fun enjoying the great outdoors should be your primary goal, but we get it… prizes are pretty great too! We’ve got dozens of really cool prizes to give out, courtesy of our generous local business partners, and we’ll be drawing them at random from all the registered addresses! Not to mention, photos of all entries will be featured in an online gallery on our website after the event, along with a walking-tour map of the neighbourhood sculptures.

Thanks to our generous sponsors

This event could not happen without the generous support of our business neighbours. We would like to warmly thank them for their ongoing commitment to the community, and ask you to please show them your support in return. They need us now more than ever!

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