Recap: 2020 Glenelm Snow Sculpture Challenge

On February 1st, Glenelm was transformed into a veritable winter wonderland! Mild weather and growing enthusiasm resulted in record participation – more than 35 snow sculptures throughout the neighbourhood! Our streets were full of sightseers throughout the weekend, as folks from Glenelm and beyond strolled about, looking at all the marvelous creations.

In fact, there are so many great photos of all the sculptures – including some with the sculptors themselves! – that we can’t include them all in this email. Here are just a couple to give you an idea of the creativity and talent demonstrated by our Glenelm neighbours. Please head on over to our website to see the gallery of 100+ photos of all the creations… you will be AMAZED!! There’s also a map of all the locations; many of the sculptures still look great, so take a walk around and see them if you haven’t yet.

The “challenge” part of this event is not competition – it’s an invitation to get outside during the winter and have some fun! Rather than naming winners this year, we opted to give out dozens of participation prizes to encourage people to join in and not take things too seriously.

Thank you to all who participated or cheered on the sculptors… You are contributing to the truly vibrant atmosphere of our neighbourhood!!

Big thanks to photographer Robert Dearden for his gift of photography, and to our local business sponsors for supporting this special event. Please show them your support in return!

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