Meandering Music is this Saturday!

Meandering Music is back! Make your way about the neighbourhood as you take in a handful of front-porch concerts. This is the first of two nights for the 2024 edition of Meandering Music in Glenelm (the second evening will be August 17).

Inspired by the idea of a progressive dinner party, this event will take you from one porch to the next for half-hour musical performances. Bring your lawn chair and clap along to music in the key of (G)lenelm. More details & FAQs here!

July 13th Locations Schedule:
7:00pm – 121 Harbison Ave W
7:45pm – 75 Martin Ave W
8:30pm – 232 Glenwood Cres
9:15pm – 121 Hart Ave

Rain or shine, the show will go on! Bring your umbrellas if needed!

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