Let’s try out a happier Henderson Hwy!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Henderson Hwy?

Is it a place you like to walk, bike or wait for the bus on? Walk your dog on? Bring your kids to?

Does it feel comfortable and safe? Does it feel inviting – like a special part of our neighbourhood where you want to linger?

If you think Henderson Hwy could be a happier place for our residents and local businesses, you won’t want to miss this event!

Along with the Elmwood Business Coalition, Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation and other awesome community partners, and with support from Councillor Jason Schreyer, GeNA is thrilled to help bring this one-day pop-up event to our neighbourhood high street.

The goal of Happier Henderson is to do something quick, inexpensive and temporary to:

  • Get the community excited about possibilities
  • Try out options to see what kinds of things are helpful, and which aren’t
  • Build capacity in the community to repeat, improve and expand on ideas!

Visit ReimagineElmwood.org to find out more.

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