Welcome to Glenelm

Welcome to Glenelm, a very special neighbourhood that's one of Winnipeg's best-kept secrets! Nestled between the Red River and Henderson Hwy, our neighbourhood is full of beautiful spaces, caring neighbours, and rich history. Whether you live here now or are considering a move into our area, the Glenelm Neighbourhood Association welcomes you and invites you to learn more about our neck of the woods and the great things going on here.

The Glenelm Neighbourhood Association (GeNA) is made up of a committee of volunteers, which includes a small board. Our executive board members are:

  • Co-Chairs: Michel Durand-Wood [+one vacant position]
  • Secretary: Mellanie Lawrenz
  • Treasurer: Rosalie Block

Get in touch with us by filling out the contact form here.

(Read more about GeNA and its history here)

The Glenelm Neighbourhood Association (GeNA) has three key priorities:

  1. Growing and promoting a sense of community and connectedness
  2. Increasing safety and reducing crime
  3. Advocating for quality infrastructure and amenities that grow with the needs of our community

As individuals, in small groups and as a committee, GeNA volunteers are working hard to carry out projects, events, and educational efforts to respond to all of these priorities. Sign up for our email newsletter to learn about what we're doing and how you can get involved.

Getting Involved

Want to get involved with the Glenelm Neighbourhood Association? Here are a few options:

  • Sign up for our email newsletter, Glenelm Community News
  • Come to our community meetings and AGMs
  • Attend one of our committee meetings. We have a group of "core organizers" who meet on a regular basis (usually once a month), to share news and ideas for projects, organize events, and do other association work. For more information about meetings, read this.
  • Volunteer for a sub-committee or special event. We strive to match people to the projects and issues that are important to them. Whether it's increasing safety,  improving our parks, or planning events, there are lots of ways to share your time and skills.

Contact GeNA for more information.

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