Glenelm in a time of COVID-19

Dear neighbours,

We find ourselves in strange, unsettling times with the COVID-19 pandemic having reached Winnipeg and a state of emergency declared by the province of Manitoba. Here are a few reminders and words of encouragement:

Help your neighbours:
Now is a crucial time to check in with your neighbours and see if they need help with getting groceries or other supplies. This is especially important for members of our community who are older or have chronic health conditions that make them high risk.

If there are neighbours you don’t know or whose names you forget or who you’ve never really connected with before, this would be a great time to drop a note in their mailbox with your name and phone number or address.

As many have said – social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. Let’s make sure every household in Glenelm knows that someone is looking out for them!

Stay connected:
Aside from staying in touch with your neighbours by phone or email, you may also want to join the Glenelm Facebook group.

We will use our email newsletter to send periodic updates and suggestions for staying connected, supporting each other, and keeping our spirits up. Suggestions welcome, too!

Stay informed:
Turn to trusted news sources for reliable, accurate information on the COVID-19 pandemic, such as:

Upcoming GeNA events:
We don’t know how long social distancing will be required and so all forthcoming GeNA events are on hold for the time being.

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