Glenelm Guide to Halloween

It’s always fun to spend Halloween evening in Glenelm, with so many neighbours getting into the spirit of things with decorations, bonfires, and other festivities!

GeNA is delighted to be co-hosting a bonfire at the Big Red Church on Halloween night. Be sure to stop by to warm up your hands and get some treats!

We’re proud to be known as a welcoming neighbourhood that’s a safe and inviting place for all kids and families, including those who come to Glenelm to enjoy an evening of trick-or-treating. 

New to the neighbourhood and wondering how to prepare? Generally, the smallest kids start trick-or-treating between 5:30 and 6pm, and most kids have finished up by 8 or shortly thereafter. Many streets report 100-200+ trick-or-treaters, but it varies a lot!

We took an informal poll on the GeNA Facebook group to see how many trick-or-treaters folks usually get. Big thanks to our volunteer Shauna for creating this fantastic & helpful map (below) with all the results! Click on a ghost, you’ll see what people have reported as typical numbers on their street.

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