Glenelm Boulevard Trees Project

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Beginning in the fall of 2019, GeNA’s Boulevard Trees Project will see approximately 100 trees re-planted in Glenelm, to supplement the city’s existing planting program.

To learn more about our project, see the info below and this Shovel Ceremony Backgrounder.

You can also see our whole rationale, tree inventory, timeline and budget  here:

Get in touch with us:

GeNA updates:

Arbotect Injections for Select Boulevard Elms (Summer 2020)
Coming Soon to Glenelm: More Boulevard Trees!! (May 2019)
Glenelm Boulevard Trees Project Update (June 2019)
National Tree Day in Canada – and Glenelm! (September 2019)

And media coverage:

Funding for Elmwood projects OK’d (The Herald)
Glenelm residents request parks funds to plant more boulevard trees (CBC)
Glenelm association secures $53K from city for new boulevard trees (CBC)
Fighting to keep Glenelm green (The Herald)
Weathering the storm (The Herald)

More background information on trees in Glenelm & Winnipeg:

Disease and low diversity puts trees at risk (The Uniter)
Winnipeg decreases reforestation budget by 36 per cent (Tree Service Canada)
Councillors reject call to scrap 36% cut to urban forest spending (Winnipeg Free Press)
City looks to residents, community groups to make up for shortfall of new trees (Winnipeg Free Press)

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