Glenelm Boulevard Trees Project Update

A little update from the GeNA Tree Committee: exciting news! One of our members met with the City’s Urban Forestry department to discuss our “wish list” – that is, our list of desired planting sites on boulevards throughout the neighbourhood. Of the 66 sites we proposed, 57 have been accepted! Some of the sites we first proposed ended up being unsuitable, but we found some new ones! 

This brings us one step closer to fully reforested boulevards in Glenelm. The trees being planted as part of our project will go in this fall or next spring. Our funding will also go towards rapid re-planting of boulevard trees removed due to Dutch Elm Disease this summer.

In the meantime, we have 36 beautiful young trees on our boulevards that were part of the City’s scheduled re-plantings in late May. Please help them out by giving them some water, especially when it’s really hot out.

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