Glenelm Bands Together!

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who served as block captains and all the folks who chipped in to band our neighbourhood’s beloved boulevard trees!!

Glenelm’s first-ever neighbourhood-wide tree banding campaign, which aims to prevent cankerworm defoliation, was a huge success. On many blocks we were able to achieve 100% banding coverage, thanks to the generosity of many who donated a little extra cash above and beyond “their” boulevard trees.

More special thanks to:

  • Glenelm School PAC, who covered the cost of banding boulevard trees along the school
  • Councillor Jason Schreyer, who covered the cost of banding all the boulevard trees on Beatrice, and
  • John Russell, who donated honey as a thank-you gift to each of the block captains!

This was a true community effort, with hundreds of households participating!

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