Free Skating & Winter Fun in the Neighbourhood

There are 2 rinks open at Clara Hughes Recreation Park (281 Henderson Hwy). Please note, clubhouse/bathrooms/canteen are closed. Bring your sleds & crazy carpets, because the toboggan slide is open too!

The large pleasure rink in Elmwood (Roxy) Park (380 Henderson Hwy) is open for use! Very close to the hill for sledding.

Opening soon:

  • The Big Red Church (127 Cobourg Ave) is planning an outdoor rink for one of their parking lots.
  • MBCI (173 Talbot Ave) is building an outdoor rink in the next couple of weeks, which will be open for community use after school hours & on weekends

Important Reminder re: Red River

There are many citizen-cleared trails and small rinks that have popped up along the river behind Glenwood – and all over the city! It’s great to see such enthusiasm and hard work going into celebrating our natural environment, especially during this pandemic! 

For those who may not be aware, the ice on this part of the river is not monitored for safety by the City, so use is completely at your own risk. It is important that people who choose to use it are aware of the dangers. According to a recent article in the Free Press:

“The City of Winnipeg “does not monitor ice conditions on rivers, waterways or ponds throughout the winter months,” the city spokeswoman said. As a result, the city advises residents to “refrain from venturing on to any ice surface” during the winter, due to the possibility of “rapidly changing ice conditions based on weather, water currents (and) runoff.””

If you choose to use the river trails, please be safe and respectful of others!

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