Event Recap: Composting 101 Webinar

On June 16th, GeNA was pleased to host a free webinar on composting: everything you need to know to start and get great at composting! Thanks to the knowledgeable staff at the Green Action Centre, about 40 curious participants learned the basics of what you can compost, the importance of “greens and browns”, different options for bins and much more.

We now know the answers to the questions:

  • Can you compost the tags and strings from tea bags? (Yes – as long as they’re paper bags and not the silky fabric type)
  • Will avocado pits ever decompose? (Yes – but it will probably take years!)
  • What is a “compost burrito”? (A bundle of compost wrapped in newspaper, and helpful during the winter or if you’re storing compost in the freezer before taking it to a community bin.)
  • Can you compost pizza boxes? (Yes – just tear them up and use them as browns!)

The event was funded thanks to a generous TD Park People Grant. Watch for another great grant event coming in September!

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