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Event Recap: Pose ‘n’ Plant at Hespeler Park

On Saturday, September 19, GeNA was pleased to host a fun 2-in-1 event at Hespeler Park: outdoor yoga followed by tree and shrub planting.

Under a beautiful blue sky and surrounded by nature, Glenelm yoga teacher Jen Breckman led us through an hour of gentle stretches and poses. Then, with the assistance of Green Drop, we planted two American elms and two dwarf Korean lilac shrubs.

All told, about 40 people came out for this event and it was a great way to end the summer after so many months of gatherings being restricted. We know that the memories of that great day will sustain us through the next many months of the pandemic!

The event was funded by a generous TD Park People Grant

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Halloween in Glenelm

As of this writing, it looks like trick-or-treating on Halloween night can happen, while following the provincial and federal public health guidelines, of course. Some key tips from those guidelines:

  • wear a mask (for both giving out candy and trick-or-treating)
  • stay home if you’re not feeling well
  • wash/sanitize hands frequently
  • give/receive store-bought treats with tongs and from a safe distance 
  • trick-or-treat with your own household
  • take turns going up to each house; give the group ahead of you plenty of space so that you’re not crossing paths in close quarters

If you decide that trick-or-treating is right for your family, please be sure to follow the guidelines for a safe and fun evening!! 

Oct 31: Treats from GeNA & The Big Red Church

For the big night, GeNA is teaming up with our community partners at the Big Red Church to distribute treat bags from their yard.

On Oct 31, be sure to swing by from 6:30 to 8pm to pick up a treat!

Social distancing will be observed, so please move along quickly to prevent congregating in groups!

Nov 1: 2020 Pumpkin Parade

The live version of this year’s Pumpkin Parade is cancelled due to COVID-19. Instead, we invite you to participate in a virtual parade by:

  • Showcasing your spooky decorations and terrifying pumpkin carving skills on the GeNA Facebook page, or  
  • Sending in photos to (or just reply to this email).

We’ll take your photos and turn them into a slide show to be displayed on the GeNA website!

Since the neighbourhood might be too busy on All Hallows’ Eve for some folks to comfortably to enjoy everyone’s decorations, we encourage community members to light up again on November 1st for the benefit of neighbours who’d prefer to participate in a scaled-down celebration with a socially-distant stroll through Glenelm. 

Wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween!

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Glenelm Bands Together!

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who served as block captains and all the folks who chipped in to band our neighbourhood’s beloved boulevard trees!!

Glenelm’s first-ever neighbourhood-wide tree banding campaign, which aims to prevent cankerworm defoliation, was a huge success. On many blocks we were able to achieve 100% banding coverage, thanks to the generosity of many who donated a little extra cash above and beyond “their” boulevard trees.

More special thanks to:

  • Glenelm School PAC, who covered the cost of banding boulevard trees along the school
  • Councillor Jason Schreyer, who covered the cost of banding all the boulevard trees on Beatrice, and
  • John Russell, who donated honey as a thank-you gift to each of the block captains!

This was a true community effort, with hundreds of households participating!

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Summer Tree Committee Updates

It’s Tree Banding Time!

Volunteer block captains are currently delivering tree banding order forms in most parts of Glenelm! Watch for the green forms and help make our first neighbourhood-wide banding effort a success!

Anti-Dutch Elm Disease Injections

You might come across one of these peculiar setups while out on your neighbourhood rambles this week. What is it, you ask? It’s a fungicidal application from a company called Arbortect that we are doing to help protect key trees in our neighbourhood. Our awesome partners-in-tree-love Green Drop have once again stepped up for us and have agreed to do all the labour involved in the application free of charge! Woo!

We scanned the neighbourhood for elms that are in key locations – that is, locations where, according to the City’s planting guidelines, a replacement tree would not be approved. The fungicide will help the tree resist the fungus that the elm bark beetle brings for three years.

Just one more tool in the arsenal of tricks to help us protect our urban forest. 🙂
We’ll also still be planting new trees in vacant locations on our boulevards. More info/dates to come on that.

A Tree Map of Our Own!

One of our talented Glenelm neighbours, Jocelynn Johnson, is a mapping expert and created this super cool map of all the public trees in the neighbourhood. It is based on open data from the City of Winnipeg and we’re excited for the ways it may help us to track banding and injection efforts or other tree-related endeavours.

It’s also a great way to identify trees that you’re curious about!  Each tree is represented by a circle, each species is a different colour, and the bigger the circle, the bigger the tree.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Fall ReLeaf Program from Trees Winnipeg

If you missed the Spring 2020 ReLeaf program, don’t despair! There is a fall program with four beautiful species (dogwood, cherry, hackberry and basswood) waiting for homes in your yard! These trees are just $55 each and come with all the information you need to plant and care for them. ***Deadline for orders is September 11, 2020***

Learn more at

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Event Recap: Happier Henderson

On July 25th, a one-day, one-block street makeover took place on Henderson Hwy between Noble and Hart.

The event was organized by Reimagine Elmwood, a grassroots committee of 7 community groups including GeNA, the Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation and the Elmwood Business Coalition.

Over the course of the afternoon, more than 100 people came out to experience a temporary “happier Henderson” with an added crosswalk, protected bike lane, street furniture, flowers and trees. There was even a small sidewalk sale by a local business!

Reception from those in attendance was overwhelmingly positive and the event was covered by several media outlets. Check out this article in The Herald and this clip from CTV.  Big thanks to our community partners, all the hardworking volunteers who helped out all day in the sweltering heat and Councillor Jason Schreyer for his valued support.

Learn more about Reimagine Elmwood here!

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Event Recap: Time for Trees at Roxy Park

On July 18th, we were delighted to learn about planting and caring for young trees while adding new ones to Roxy Park! Thanks to a generous donation of ReLeaf trees from Trees Winnipeg and donated labour and wisdom from Justin and Grant of Green Drop, there are 7 new beautiful and interesting trees in the park. The species are cork, bur oak, maple, cherry and mountain ash and are easily spotted since they are staked and protected by wire.

Special thanks to Trees Winnipeg, Green Drop and the City of Winnipeg Parks and Urban Forestry departments for making this event possible – and to all those who attended this casual event!

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Event Recap: Composting 101 Webinar

On June 16th, GeNA was pleased to host a free webinar on composting: everything you need to know to start and get great at composting! Thanks to the knowledgeable staff at the Green Action Centre, about 40 curious participants learned the basics of what you can compost, the importance of “greens and browns”, different options for bins and much more.

We now know the answers to the questions:

  • Can you compost the tags and strings from tea bags? (Yes – as long as they’re paper bags and not the silky fabric type)
  • Will avocado pits ever decompose? (Yes – but it will probably take years!)
  • What is a “compost burrito”? (A bundle of compost wrapped in newspaper, and helpful during the winter or if you’re storing compost in the freezer before taking it to a community bin.)
  • Can you compost pizza boxes? (Yes – just tear them up and use them as browns!)

The event was funded thanks to a generous TD Park People Grant. Watch for another great grant event coming in September!

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“Bee a Pal to Pollinators” Contest – Ideas & Photos!

Big thanks to all who worked at making Glenelm a welcoming place for pollinators this summer! Enjoy these photos and write-ups shared with GeNA following our webinar on bee-friendly gardening.

Above: “We’ve been planting yellow flowers to attract bees and it worked immediately!!!” — Sandy B.

Above: “Just a few pictures of our pollinators here on Talbot Ave.  We moved here 4 years ago and transformed our front into a historical front garden full of flowers and so many beneficial bugs. We also have water available for all during dry spells and for fun I raise black swallowtail caterpillars and release the butterflies after they emerge.” –Deanna S.

Above: “In order to make my garden pollinator friendly, I have chosen plants that bloom from early spring to late fall thus providing food on a continuum for pollinators. 

The first plants to come up are several types of blooming ground cover that attract pollinators (like vinca major and lamium varities) then the peonies and poppies start, followed by the milkweed, bachelor buttons, other poppy varieties, day lilies, hosta blooms, false sunflowers, coneflowers, bee balm, balsam impatiens, gooseneck loosestrife, sunflowers and then the asters arrive in late August well until hard frost.

Besides planting flowers that provide food from spring to fall, I have planted red clover on my boulevard, have a bird and pollinator watering dish, and a bee/butterfly combination house for loner bees and butterflies.

I also cultivate swallow tail butterflies from when their eggs are laid on my dill until they emerge from their cocoons … increasing their population and protecting them from predators.” — Sherryl K

Above: “My family was given a milkweed plant to add to our garden. Lucky for us, there was a monarch butterfly chrysalis attached to it. We kept the plant safe on our porch while on ‘chrysalis watch’ for several days, and marveled at how the chrysalis looked like a magical gem. And even better, we were there at the moment as the butterfly emerged, watched it stretch and dry its wings, and then said goodbye as we released it. It was truly miraculous thing to witness! We can’t wait to see if we get more next year.” — Emma DW

These two videos below were created by Rodj D and his family, who had a “monarch nursery” and welcomed many butterflies into the world this summer!

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It’s Banding Time!

Just a heads-up that Block Captains will be out distributing bright green tree banding order forms in the next week or two.

We’d love for our first neighbourhood-wide banding effort to be a big success so please consider banding your own trees and chipping in to help band public trees on our boulevards and in our parks!

Questions can be directed to

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