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Bear Clan Elmwood Info/Recruitment Meeting

CNRC is hosting an Information and Recruitment Meeting for the Bear Clan Elmwood  on Wednesday November 6, 2019 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at the Elmwood-EK Active Living Centre, 180 Poplar Avenue. James Favel, Executive Director of the Bear Clan, will do a presentation on Bear Clan followed by a question and answer session.  For those interested in joining this volunteer patrol, applications will be available.

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Let’s Get Glowing, Glenelm!

The search is on for Glenelm’s brightest block!  GeNA invites you to participate in the 2nd annual “Light Up the Neighbourhood” holiday light contest.

After the success of last year’s contest, we are excited to see just how merry and bright Glenelm can become during the month of December.

Can your street out-glow Glenwood Crescent, which won the bragging rights to “Glenelm’s Brightest Block” in last year’s contest? Or knock out Noble, which came in a close second?

The goal of this friendly challenge is simply to brighten up the Glenelm neighbourhood with holiday lights and decorations. The winning street will earn:

  • Bragging rights to having the brightest block
  • Publicity and pictures of the winning block in the January issue of the Glenelm Community News email newsletter

Online voting for your favourite festively lit block will take place between December 20 and 24, and the winner will be announced on December 28th.

So… start planning with your neighbours, and let’s light up Glenelm!

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“Welcome to Glenelm” Signs Are Up!

At long last, the “Welcome to Glenelm” signs are up throughout the neighbourhood! These beautiful signs were designed by Glenelm graphic designer Glen Sapach and the project was led by Joanne Cerilli. The signs are a gorgeous, lasting contribution to our beloved neighbourhood, and the perfect illustration of what a community can achieve when everyone works together.

GeNA sends its sincere thanks and congratulations to Glen, Joanne, and all the volunteers and residents who dedicated their time or made donations in support of this citizen-driven project. Special thanks also to Speedpro Winnipeg North, A Division of Airmaster Signs for going above and beyond during the installation of the signs.

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Upcoming Event: Louise Bridge District Walking Tour

The North East Winnipeg Historical Society is offering a free walking tour of the Louise Bridge District.

“The walk will start with the 2013 Disraeli Pedestrian Bridge, a walk through the 1987 named Ernie O’Dowda Park by the river’s edge, the current 1911 Louise Bridge, a history of the Red River, the 1880 J.Y. Griffin Pork Plant site, the 1944 Moline Tractor Showroom & the 1906 Fire Hall No. 8”

When: Saturday, July 14th, 2018 at 1:00PM (rain/shine) approx. 90 min.

Start: Ernie O’Dowda Memorial Park at the west end near Disraeli Freeway (Midwinter Ave.)

End: with a tour inside Fire Hall No. 8, light refreshments, maps, information & conversations!

Info: Donna 204.339.2547


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Highlights from the 2nd Annual Glenelm Spring Cleanup

Wow! We were thrilled by the incredible turnout at our 2nd annual Glenelm Spring Cleanup this past weekend. Approximately 70 people of all ages came out to clean up our little corner of the world, and together we collected 50+ bags of litter from back lanes. Many hands do make light work!

Big thanks to everyone who made the day a huge success: each person who gave up part of their warm, sunny weekend to help with the cleanup efforts; the GeNA volunteers who organized the event; Take Pride Winnipeg for graciously providing gloves, bags, and pickers; and Jessica Mutimer, our local City of Winnipeg Parks Technician. We’re already brainstorming on how to make next year’s cleanup run more smoothly and successfully.

Way to go, Glenelm!

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Glenwood Crescent is Glenelm’s Brightest Street!

Thanks to all those who participated in our “Light up the Neighbourhood” contest last month, either by brightening up our neighbourhood with Christmas lights and decorations, or by casting a vote for your top pick!

As we announced on December 31st, the winning street was Glenwood Crescent, with Noble Avenue a close second. Here are a few photo collages of the wonderful lights and decorations spotted on Glenwood.

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The 2017 Christmas Bird Count in the Glenelm Community

by Richard Staniforth

The Winnipeg Christmas Bird Count was held on December 20th. This is an annual event when nature enthusiasts contribute a day of their time to survey and count all of the birds within a 15 mile diameter circle centred on downtown Winnipeg.

Christmas Bird Counts, known as CBCs, are held all over Canada, North America, and in fact, in most countries of the world. They started in the year 1900 as a healthier alternative to the Annual Boxing Day Bird Shoot in which folks used to compete by shooting as many different kinds of birds as they could on that single day!

Now CBCs are held between December 14th and January 5th, with each community deciding on a particular date in a way that dedicated enthusiasts may attend different counts in different places on different days. And we don’t shoot anything, anymore, except perhaps with cameras!

This year Lorne and Joan Heshka and I were responsible for the Glenelm area, and further afield. You may have caught sight of us, bundled up and with binoculars dangling around our necks, peering into neighbourhood backyards for signs of bird activity – no we are not peeping-Toms! My wife, Diana, supplied us with nutritious snacks, lunch and warm drinks during the day which boosted our enthusiasm.

What did we see? Well nothing that we did not expect, no unusual or rare species this year: Hairy woodpeckers, Downy Woodpeckers, White-breasted Nuthatches, Black-capped Chickadees, House Sparrows, Eurasian Starlings, Rock Pigeons, American Crows, Common Ravens and Blue Jays.

At the end of the day, about 30 of us Winnipeg participants gathered at the Bronx Community Centre to collate the numbers and kinds of birds seen in our Winnipeg area with Manitoba’s CBC co-ordinator, Rudolf Koes. A fun evening, complete with a pot-luck supper and catch-up with fellow naturalists who we may not have shared experiences and laughter with since December, 2016. Rudolf collates all of the data for Manitoba, checks unusual sightings and submits it to the Audubon Society for analysis of trends in bird populations around the world.

Perhaps you would like to participate in the Christmas Bird Count next year, or even watch a backyard feeder and record its visiting birds? You would add to the 14,000 Canadians who enjoy this event every year. If so, please feel free to contact me at richard_staniforth

(In the photo above, taken by Richard Staniforth: “A Black-capped Chickadee which is Glenelm’s commonest bird, at least, it is for this time of the year.”)

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And the winner is…

The winning street in Glenelm’s first “Light Up the Neighbourhood” contest is….

Glenwood Crescent! 

Watch for more details and photos in next month’s newsletter, and don’t forget to congratulate your neighbours on Glenwood when you see them.

Thanks to all who participated, and season’s greetings to all!

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Outdoor Rink at Elmwood (Roxy) Park

We were excited to learn that Elmwood (Roxy) Park has been selected by the city as a site for an outdoor pleasure rink this year. Unlike in years past where the rink was closer to the river and poorly lit, this year, the rink will be close to the playground where it will benefit from better lighting. Get those skates sharpened and ready to glide – the rink should be up and running soon!

(photo credit: Paul Solomon)

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