3rd Annual Glenelm Holiday Lights Contest

It’s time to light up our little corner of the world with our friendly, low-stakes holiday lights challenge!

This year the Elmwood Business Coalition has decided to use the theme of ‘stars’ for their Christmas light displays in businesses in and around Elmwood.  We at GeNA thought it would be great if as a neighbourhood we also adopted this theme!  SO … if you can … find a way to incorporate a star into the lights you have (or are hoping to have) set up on or around your home. 

The prize is simply bragging rights for being Glenelm’s brightest block. Who will take this year’s title? Will it be Glenwood Crescent again for a 3rd year? Or will Noble, Martin or Carmen (which all tied for runner-up last year) be declared the winners? Or will another street pull out all the stops for a surprise win? That is the question, and we can’t wait to find out!

The 3rd Annual “Light up the Neighbourhood” contest starts NOW!

Online voting will take place beginning December 20 and winners will be announced by New Year’s Eve! 

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