2021 DED Update for Glenelm

It’s been another devastating year for the elms in Glenelm. As of this writing, 36 boulevard and park trees have been marked for removal due to Dutch Elm Disease (DED), with many more on private property and Elmwood Cemetery. 

With below-normal precipitation this year and the last few years, Winnipeg’s elms are at a higher risk of succumbing to DED.

The city has announced that it will begin its Elm Bark Beetle Control Program on Monday, September 13, 2021. This means they will begin spraying the base of elms trees with a chemical that controls the beetles, which spread DED. The program is particularly important this year because of the low precipitation in recent years.  

You can do your part to limit the spread of DED by:

  • never moving firewood
  • never storing elm wood
  • cooperating with the City regarding elms on your private property

You may also want to learn about anti-DED fungicidal treatments (e.g., Arbotect) for your private or boulevard elms.

Thank you for helping to care for our remaining elm trees!

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