2017 AGM Recap

GeNA held a successful inaugural AGM on Wednesday, January 25th. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Our new board was elected: co-chairs David Pensato and Emma Durand-Wood, secretary Shauna MacKinnon, and treasurer Rosalie Block
  • Brock Feenstra shared an update on the progress of the Glenelm and Chalmers Local Area Plan project: residents will have opportunity to provide feedback during the development of a neighbourhood background study to be presented to city council, with the support of the municipal planning department.
  • Dale Karasiak brought greetings from the Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Association and told us about CNRC’s efforts to negotiate a plan to revitalize the former gas station site/empty lot at the corner of Henderson and Johnson.
  • Kara Plett invited anyone with a home business in Glenelm to submit their details to be listed in a directory on the glenelm.ca website. (Email details toglenelmcommunity@gmail.com)
  • Arlene Reid shared a bunch of upcoming events in Glenelm and surrounding area.
  • David Pensato unveiled the brand-new GeNA website (glenelm.ca) and Emma Durand-Wood shared that GeNA has published four newsletters since October 2016, and our mailing list has 84 subscribers (February 22nd update: now at over 100!)
  • Emma Durand-Wood gave an update on the “Welcome to Glenelm” sign project on behalf of Joanne Cerilli.  About 1/3 of the neighbourhood has been canvassed and about 1/3 of the funds required for our maintenance reserve have been secured. A further $80 was donated to the fund at the AGM – thank you to all who chipped in!
  • Shauna MacKinnon invited interested residents to join GeNA’s Safety Committee to explore how to make our neighbourhood a safer place.
  • In a highly unscientific poll, attendees named Jo-Ann Paddock’s oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies the winner of the cookie table.

The Herald gave us some great media coverage as well: this article is subscriber-only, but worth a read if you can access it! Glenelm residents gather together – Dylon Martin, February 3rd, 2017.

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