Upcoming Event: The Science of Everyday Things

Head back to school with “The Science of Everyday Things”, a free, fun and informative learning series for grown-ups (no homework or grading, guaranteed!). The classes will be led by Kris Moroski, Glenelm resident who’s been teaching high school science for the past 15 years. Kris loves to answer questions and share his understanding of science.

Wednesday, October 10:  What is Light? 
We will take a look at a brief history of light, what it is, the different types of light and how we use it.

Wednesday, October 17: What is in a Picture? 
How do we capture moments? How are they displayed on a tv or phone? How can I take better pictures?

Wednesday, November 7: How Small is Small? How Big is Big? 
Come with me as we attempt to grapple with the realities of big and small numbers and examples of how these extremes are present in our everyday lives.

Wednesday, November 21: Students’ Choice
Topic will be determined by class suggestions and interest, and will be announced in the November newsletter.

Classes take place at Gordon-King Memorial United Church (127 Cobourg Ave) from 7-8pm.  Classes will be taught at an adult level, and will be appropriate for ages 15 and up.

Registration not required – come to one class or come to all!

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