2018 Glenelm Snow Sculpture Challenge

Too often, winter becomes a time when we hunker down, hibernate in our homes and lose touch with some of our (amazing) neighbours. However, like Nana used to say: There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes!

So why wait until spring to get out there and reconnect with your neighbours — let’s all bundle up, get outside and participate in GeNA’s first-ever Snow Sculpture Challenge!

But I don’t know anything about snow sculpting!?
Neither do we! But we’re not letting a measly thing like that stop us! After hours of expert-level Googling, we’ve managed to put together this short video for you with tips on everything you need to get started:

Also, here are a few links to get you inspired:

What if I don’t have enough snow in my yard?
Make a smaller sculpture. Borrow some snow from (or team up with) your neighbours. Wheelbarrow some in from your back yard. Supplement with ice you froze in molds. Get creative — you can do this!

What if I am not available to sculpt on Feb 3rd?
You can sculpt on any day you want! The goal in setting a designated sculpting day is simply to get people outside at the same time, interacting with their neighbours. It also makes it easier for us to go around doling out free hot chocolate!

But if you aren’t available to sculpt on the 3rd, absolutely yes, you can sculpt the day before (or whenever works for you). We’d hate for a pesky thing like the date to prevent people from participating. The idea here is to make this as accessible an activity as possible for everyone in the neighbourhood, without too many “rules” getting in the way of some winter fun! Just don’t forget to register your address to make sure the judges don’t miss your sculpture when they do their rounds on the Saturday afternoon!

But how will my creative genius be recognized?
Simply having fun enjoying the great outdoors should be your primary goal, but we get it… prizes are pretty great too! Three sculptures will be selected by our panel of independent judges to receive a prize pack, courtesy of our generous local business sponsors! Also, photos of all entries will be featured in an online gallery on our website after the event.

Ok, I’m in! Front yard or back?
Front. It’ll be easier for the judges, plus you’ll get to chat with your neighbours while you create. Added bonus: the whole neighbourhood can then enjoy your masterpiece until the spring!

Participating is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Prepare your snow — as shown in the video, use wooden forms, cardboard boxes or simply gather snow into a big pile at least 3 days ahead of time (so it has time to set and harden). Make it as big (or as small) as you want to.  Make one, or make several, whatever you need to bring your plans to life!
  2. Register your address using the form above so that we don’t miss your work of art.
  3. On February 3rd, get outside with your family and neighbours and sculpt away!

Our street team will be circulating the neighbourhood while you sculpt and stopping at registered addresses from 12pm to 2pm giving away free hot chocolate!! Judges will make their rounds starting at 2pm, and winners will be notified by email, and featured in our February newsletter.

Let’s have fun out there!!

Our Amazing Sponsors
GeNA warmly thanks our event sponsors for their generosity and commitment to our community! Please show them your support in return.



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